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As the bearer of a trade certificate in French Polishing (among other things), it is with much mirth I gaze upon the latest snide captioning from Unhappy Hipsters.

Another Sunday morning spent whisking small batches of artisanal wood stains so they might continue darkening the floor, one six-inch-square at a time.

(Photo: Misha Gravenor; Dwell)

This is being typed sitting at my kitchen table, which might seem a small thing to you, but after 5 days of round and round in circles with my new ISP and the Netgear people, being tethered to a modem by an ethernet cable had lost its allure well and truly. Especially as the person who had TransACT install the cable put the plug in the main bedroom. Not the most convenient place to work; fine for re-runs of QI at 3am when unable to sleep, but not terrbily handy for Being Productive.

But for reasons I cannot begin to fathom, my "fiddling" with something to do with the Netgear protocols via has worked. Of course I can't ever turn either the modem or wireless router off for fear of losing whatever it is that I have done, but this is a small price to pay when the other option is a trailing 10 metre ethernet cable.

And whilst in techy mode, dear Abode, please do not include stripped down bits of McAfee security programs in your Adobe Reader updates. As a thinking human being I am about as likely to want to use any McAfee product as I am to write a character reference for Mr Gaddafi. Avast and AVG work just fine thanks.


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Social media - useful or evil necessity?

There are many many people much better placed to discuss this topic than I am, but my usual state of annoyance with any form of social media is at a particularly high pitch of late so I thought it terribly helpful for the state of the planet to share my thoughts on this weighty topic from the perceptive of a maker who feebly attempts to use it to 'boost her presence."
Firstly, it always seems to be slightly last year. Yes there are committed users, rather like the ageing fans of Happy Days who still think the Fonz  is the epitomeof cool, not to mention the marketing specialists who can roll out hundreds of excellent reasons as to why you should, including compelling examples of fortunes made, reputations enhanced and products sold in their, well, dozens but what if, at the end of the day, you're just pretty rubbish at it.
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An Anniversary

Gazelle table, Judy Kensley McKie - Mahogany, paint, glass, 34"H x 60"W x 18" D

Pritam & Eames Gallery in East Hampton, New York is perhaps the best known commercial gallery focusing on studio furniture in the US today. Since 1981, the gallery has shown just about all of the major makers in the States.

Over June, the gallery held an Anniversary show which included Judy Kensley McKie, Wendy Maruyama and Rich Tannen. Bear with the rather odd layout of the Pritam website - for whatever reason they seem very reluctant to use Flash to display the images...

They will also be holding a show, Seating, from August 6 which should also be very interesting....
"Eggo" Wall vessel, Don Miller - Bleached white oak, 31"H x 18"W x 7.5"D

Raw linseed oil is not a furniture or joinery finish

Repeat after me.....

Raw linseed oil is not a furniture or joinery finish
Raw linseed oil is not a furniture or joinery finish
Raw linseed oil is not a furniture or joinery finish

Raw linseed oil, if it dries at all, dries very very slowly over many months. You might be lucky if you apply it and then rub it all off, but most of time it will linger on the surface, gradually becoming stickier and stickier.

Nor is it temperature or UV resistant. In areas under windows or near stovetops, it will break down or blister. On furniture, it will darken over time til it's almost black, particularly on areas where the piece might be handled such as the back of chairs.

And it will be sticky. And extremely difficult to remove later on.

Oil finishes either have to rely on the oil being modified during its manufacture with the addition of driers or being able to polymerise themselves. Polymerisation means that within hopefully less than 4-6 weeks, the oil's solvent has evaporated, it's ox…